Monday, March 26, 2012

Same language...sort of

I love visiting London, for a lot of reasons. I was reminded of a small one a few minutes ago in a Caffe Nero near our hotel.

I love how the US and the UK have different phrases or words for the same thing. They go to the water closet instead of the bathroom. The first floor in their elevators is designated with a "0" instead of a "1". Their signs use different expressions:

  • "Way out" = "Exit"
  • "Mind the gap" = "Watch your step"
  • "To let" = "For rent"
Well, I saw one today that I had never noticed. Here it is:

Yeah, I thought it was only considered litter if you threw it out on the ground. Otherwise, isn't it trash? Or garbage? Or even, as I've seen elsewhere here, rubbish?

Not wrong, just different. And kinda fun.

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