Monday, August 15, 2011

An annual reminder...

Remembering is a good thing. Especially when you use it to make a difference in how you live your life going forward. Our nation honors its past with various days set aside to do just that. For example we have Memorial Day and Veterans Day to celebrate the lives of those who have sacrificed themselves for our freedom. One day to celebrate multiple people. To look back and to look forward.

50 years ago today my sister Kim was born. Fifteen years ago tonight she went to be with the Lord, as I talk about in this post from last year.
Kim and me at a church homecoming lunch
The next year, I started a tradition of taking this day off work, to honor her, yes, but at least for a few years it was to help me deal with my thoughts and emotions. I just needed the time to be alone rather than deal with work.

Over time it developed into something better, something that I think is actually healthy. My boss (and friend) Wyman encouraged me in this. He kept saying that I need to be looking at the day as a celebration of her life and her birthday, not a focus on her death. He was (and is) right. But it has become even more than that - something that I would encourage you to think about.

Since then, I have had more losses, including my mother and my oldest niece Holly. And I began to realize what this day could be. Just as our nation has set aside a Memorial Day, I have set aside August 15 as my "Personal Memorial Day". A day when I remember not only Kim but others I love who have passed on from this life. Remembering their life, their love, all the good times with them, what they taught me about life, and how I should live going forward because of their influence.

This may not work for everyone. But it seems to work for the country and it has become a very helpful thing for me.

A personal memorial day. Today. I remember...and I love you all.


  1. ...and we love you, and remember Kim and her well-lived life. May God grant you peace today.

  2. Praying for you today as you observe your very own memorial day. As Steve said, may you feel peace that passes all understanding!