Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cheese and more cheese

We interrupt the series of posts about last year's volcanic ash to bring you this semi-live report from Zurich.

Tonight we had dinner at a traditional Swiss restaurant, which means there was lots of cheese and bread. That is a very good thing - I love both. After we all shared some four-cheese fondue, I ordered this:

It was absolutely delicious. It was a mixture of potatoes and a very rich cheese covering...a specialty here in Switzerland we were told.

And then we realized it. What I had ordered was an extra-large, extra-rich helping of Waffle House covered hash browns.

Come to think of it, not a bad thing at all.

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  1. You are there! And you are eating yummy food!! Take lots of pictures!! We are going to have to live through all your adventures! Yesterday, Clark and I spent the day in Huntsville and you were talked about a lot..."Donnie would like this or that" Will tell you all about it when we see you...just so you know you are missed! :)