Friday, February 11, 2011

An update from Africa

A few short months ago, a group of children left the dumps of Addis Ababa for boarding school, and amazing opportunity made possible by a ministry called Project 61. When I visited their home last summer, it was like nothing I had ever seen. God spoke to my heart and has been telling me ever since - praying for, loving, and helping such children are at the very heart of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Well, this was the first year that these children have had the chance to go to the school, so I was thrilled to get an email update on how things were going. God is doing amazing things! Here are a few excerpts along with comments:
It is mid-year for the sponsored kids, and we'd like to share a few updates with you. The kids continue to adjust to their new life at the school, and have settled into their studies and living arrangements. They also are hearing the word of God every single day and are being transformed by His truth!

On January 7th, they celebrated Ethiopian Christmas with a Project 61 team at the boarding school...Each child received a new pair of shoes, a brand new Bible in their own language, socks, underwear, candy, lotion, and a t-shirt. Sponsor gifts were also handed out, and everyone was abuzz with excitement!
I cannot even imagine what that was like! It must have made God smile.

The email went on to describe some challenges, not unsurprising for a group of children who had never been in a structured environment. Some were having discipline problems and there was some danger of them being sent home. But as the new semester begins, check out this report:

Everyone's slates are wiped clean. This reminds me of how merciful our God is, and how even though we don't deserve it, we are made new through his Son. Please pray that this will be an opportunity for these kids to accept the grace of Christ, as well.

And then the message closed with a request:
(P)lease continue to pray for these children. It is the best thing we can do for them! Please pray for their journey back to the boarding school later this week and their transition over the next few weeks. Please pray that, after being in Korah for two weeks, the kids will remain healthy. And most of all, please pray that the kids will come to know Christ.
Will you pray with me for these things?

God is so good. Not only is he blessing these children, but he is blessing us with the opportunity to be part of his work. He is sovereign and can accomplish it any way he wants - but he chooses to include even me. And you. Amazing!

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