Saturday, February 26, 2011

lazy weekend

Let's begin with an admission - you were right. All of you friends, family, and co-workers who told me I needed to go to the doctor, you were right. Ok...done. Let's move on.

I am just getting over a pretty good sized case of the crud. Last weekend I began coughing a little, which is not all that unusual. I have allergies and sometimes my sinuses cause some throat irritations. No big deal.

Then, about last Sunday, I made a mistake. A stubborn one. Despite the fact that I was starting to feel a little yucky - and coughing more - I decided to do my Sunday afternoon workout with the usual intensity. When I was done, well - I was done. Energy low...check. Wheezing...check. Heavier cough...check. Chills...check. Fever...oh yeah.

Then, of course, I went to work Monday morning. Felt miserable. But I had some meetings that I felt were too important to miss, so I plugged away. Had several co-workers tell me to go home. So, toward the end of the day, I did....AND WORKED OUT AGAIN! What a stubborn, stubborn fool.

Well, that did it. My sister directed me to go to the doctor the next day, and I did. Found out I had a fever of 101.5. Got a cortisone shot in the, ummmm, hip. (At least that's where the doctor said it was. Yeah.) Got about three prescription strength medicines, including some wonderful cough syrup for bedtime only.

And of course the doctor sent me home to rest. It took about a two hour nap for the fever to break, and it has been getting better since. I got back to work later in the week, and felt ok.

There is a slight cough left, mostly from some sinus drip. But I still need to take it easy. So...

I'm using this as an excuse for a totally lazy weekend. No work on my taxes. No errands. Still need a couple more days of recovery before working out. I am going to venture out for exactly two reasons: to worship God tomorrow morning, and to watch old Fringe episodes with friends tomorrow night. Other than that, I'm glued to my recliner. I haven't spent a weekend like this in a long, long time. And I'm gonna enjoy every second.

See you Monday. Maybe.


  1. I must admit, I am glad we are one of the reasons that you are venturing out tomorrow....can't wait to start the next season :) And I am very very glad to see that you had a restful weekend, you needed it!!

  2. Yikes! I hope you feel better soon, Donnie. I am glad you finally listened to some good advice. :-)

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