Wednesday, February 16, 2011


What do you think about when you think of the future? If you're in high school, it's possibly getting into a good college. If you're in college, maybe it's a good job or starting your own family. Later, maybe a day when you won't have to work anymore, or some peace and quiet after your kids leave the house. Life's difficulties often can point us to consider the far future - life after death. At different phases of my life, most of these have been on my radar.

The latest album from Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors is called Chasing Someday. In the week or so it's been out, I have listened to it several times already. And as the title suggests, the future is interwoven all through the music. It's brilliant. For a more detailed review of the album, check out this blog post from my friend Tommy or this review from a Nashville publication.

My favorite song on the album is Someday. It starts (and ends) with the line, "I've known you for years; you always say that we're just friends." (Btw, I love it when songs end with their opening line.) Later, "Someday you will know that I am the only one for you." You know what? You should listen for yourself:

Awesome song, eh? Wonderful melody and instrumentation. So...

Have you ever carried a torch for someone? Someone who had you squarely in the friend zone? I have...and did for a very long time. That period of my life oozes from this song. Longing for the future...a future that was not destined to be. Chasing someday.

Whatever someday you're chasing, you will feel it somewhere on this album. I know I did. Get it and immerse yourself. And you may get in touch with your real someday...the one God intends for you.

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