Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random thoughts on Super Bowl XLV

As the countdown begins to the return of the world's greatest sport (205 days if you're wondering - or even if you're not), here are a few random thoughts on the 2010-11 grand finale:

  • Isn't this the only place we use those stinkin' Roman numerals? Let's drop it already.
  • Congrats to Green Bay on their 13th NFL championship. Hmmmm, 13 championships...that number sounds familiar.
  • With 111 million viewers, last night constituted the most people ever to watch someone botch the national anthem. Congrats, Christina!
  • I miss football.
  • My high school's football team wears the same uniforms as the world champions. Sadly, these days that's all they have in common.
  • Winning QB Aaron Rodgers came to a relationship with Christ through YoungLife. To this longtime YL leader, that's very cool. (My friend Tommy writes more about this here.)
  • I still miss football.
  • I like the Black Eyed Peas alot. I did not like their performance last night. Well, at least the TV mix was awful; maybe it killed in person. As someone tweeted, even Usher and Slash couldn't save the halftime show.
  • Best part of the night? Having 13 of the most awesome people in the world over to my house for the game. What a fun group!
  • It was a very exciting game, which is important when you know it's your last football for a long time. (Did I mention that already?)
  • To me, the commercial humor quotient was way below Super Bowl standards. But there were bright spots. Like almost everyone else, I consider this to be the best Super Bowl commercial:


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