Saturday, November 6, 2010

On the go...

Sometimes I have the craziest schedule.  I love to to hang out with family and to just be doing something.  Last spring I was in Europe for a work assignment when...well, you remember the whole volcanic ash thing?  Yeah, that got me.  But instead of fretting, I loved the adventure.  I will have to tell that story later.

Yeah, I go and go and go every chance I get, and I have been blessed with a career where some of that is due to work. is what my next few 5 days looks like:

  • I am writing this from my hotel room in Baron Rouge.  I'm here with my sister and two nieces, and we are stoked for the Bama-LSU game tomorrow.
  • Game tomorrow, and then we head back to the gump Sunday...5 hour drive.
  • Then it gets interesting.  I jump on a plane Sunday night and will check into a hotel in Washington, DC around midnight.  This is so I can...
  • Be in attendance to support one of my employees who is officially receiving her professional designation as an actuary.
  • Then I jump on a train to New Jersey.  I'll be there Monday night and Tuesday, where I will...
  • Meet up with several other company staff for a presentation we have to make Wednesday morning.
  • Then...finally....I fly home Wednesday night.
Whew!  This should be interesting.  It starts with a little business for the Tide to take care of.

Roll Tide!

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