Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On their way...

Tonight my heart and mind is in Washington, D.C.  No, not because of concern over our country's leadership.  Or because of the Biblical command to pray for our government.  Goodness knows those are good reasons, but tonight, it's something else.  You see, I have friends who are there as a stop on their way back to Africa.

A  mere six months ago, my life was changed by two weeks in Africa.  I met some amazing people who made up our team.  We met and loved on children, most of them orphans, who needed to see God's love in the flesh.  It's a mystery how a short time with these children can make a difference, but I can attest that God used our team in amazing ways.  One of the best accounts of what he taught us is in this facebook note. Yes, he planted in our hearts a love for Africa and his children there.

None of us will ever be the same.  One is moving rapidly toward going back there permanently.  Another, not yet out of high school, has plans to spend several months there next summer.  At least a couple more believe God's plan for them ultimately is a life serving him overseas.  Another is adopting a second child as a result.  I am planning to return next summer myself.

But tonight, I have five good friends on the way, and another leaving tomorrow.  (This is the trip I was referring to in the next-to-last paragraph of this post.)  So, I ask you to join me in prayer.  Pray for Elissa, Jennifer, Nathan, Rachel, and Chip -- members of our summer team who are on their way back.  Pray for Frank, a friend of 25 years who introduced me to Visiting Orphans and is leading a second team leaving tomorrow.  Please pray for them to have strength, patience, good health, enthusiasm, and most of all that they would make a difference in the life of every child they meet.

If you want to follow them, I have a feeling there will be posts whenever possible here on the VO blog.  The internet service over there is very spotty, but I will be checking the blog frequently hopeful of updates.

God tells us the reaching out to widows, orphans, and the oppressed are the true expression of our faith.  For the next two weeks or so, I can do that by praying for my friends.  Join me, if you will.

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  1. Praying with you!! Can't wait to hear how their trip goes...I will have to look for their blogs too :)