Thursday, August 19, 2010


Tonight I got an unexpected treat.  I was attending a YMCA charity dinner with Coach Gene Stallings as the speaker.  I expected to enjoy seeing Coach Stallings - he's always interesting to listen to.

But there were many former Bama players there,and when they were introduced, I was surprised to hear the name Murray Legg.

Murray Legg played for the Tide in the late 70s, and wore #19.  That is the origin of the pin I and my family wears to Bama games in memory of my sister Kim.  He was her favorite player and from her college days on, she would (for example) sit in seat #19 or row #19, etc, if at all possible.

So tonight, I finally met him for the first time.  I got to tell him about Kim.  And I got this picture.

All in all, a surprisingly memorable night.

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