Monday, August 9, 2010

Another part of Africa

If you've been reading, you know how the children of Africa have captured my heart since my visit last month. In particular, children from a community in the dumps of Addis Adaba, Ethiopia are ever on my mind and in my prayers. Rest assured, I will continue to write about that. But God's love is waaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger than my dreams, and he is working all over the world...and yes, all over Africa. So tonight, I'm going to be a lazy writer. A friend recently returned from a visit to Malawi, and he has written a wonderful account of his time there. As I read it, I could just see, feel, smell, and taste what it was like. Part of that is due to my having similar experiences. Most of it was because of the writing. So to help you get a better feel for what God is doing and wants to do in Africa, I submit this link to my friend Rob's post. Enjoy. But more than that, be still and let God speak to you through this account.

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