Friday, June 27, 2014

Ethiopia, Take 5

Well, it's that time again. I;m heading back to Ethiopia again, and I cannot wait!

As some of you know, these trips to Africa are how this blog began in the first place. I wanted a place to share what God was doing through the amazing people I've had the privilege of traveling with. And so the writing began.

So as we head out tomorrow, we covet your prayers. Pray for our team: Clark, Danny, Trisha, Chasya, and me. Pray for the children, families, and staff we are going to visit. And pray for God to move in ways we can't even imagine.

As always, if I get good wifi, you'll hear from us during the week. If it's spotty, I may be sharing after we get back. Either way, I can't wait to share about it!

So here we go...trip #5. Let's do this! Talk to you all soon....

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