Friday, June 6, 2014


Hello? Hello? Anyone there?

It's been awhile…did anyone notice?

My last blog post was a full eleven days ago. I am pretty sure that's the longest I've gone since I started blogging in 2010. There are several reasons. First, I have been traveling for much of the last week, and did not have a ton of time to reflect and write.

But mostly, I have not had anything that needed to be said. Not that life has been boring or anything; it's just that when I would think about writing, nothing was dying to jump off my fingertips.

That's okay. Sometimes in life, we just need to take it all in. Live life, learn what God wants us to learn, and apply it on a daily basis. And a long time ago, I made a promise to my modest group of readers that I would not write just to be writing. Well, the last few days have been a marvelous opportunity to keep that promise.

Don't worry though, dear friends. Plenty of stuff is brewing, stuff that will make rich blogging material. There are some good movies out, movies that with stories that I'm sure will contain reflections of God' story. I'm reading some pretty interesting books. My friends, family, and work are always doing fun stuff. And - here's the biggie - I leave three weeks today for Ethiopia. Yep, that will mean lots of material.

So I have just enjoyed this time. A time for God to remind me that life is not about me. If I write just to be writing, then clearly I am seeking attention. It's my prayer that I will avoid that trap, and only write when I truly have something that I believe will benefit you - either by building you up in your faith, challenging your worldview, or maybe just brighten your day with a fun story. I want it to be about y'all, not me.

So that's about it. Catch ya soon…maybe.

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