Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Message received

I don't remember my dreams very much. I would say that I don't dream very much, but I know better. Scientists say that we dream every night when we enter deep sleep, but we only remember some of them.

The one last night? Oh, I remember.

This was only the third time I remember dreaming about my mother since her passing. Maybe because my subconscious thinks it's painful, or maybe...well, I have no idea. But for some reason I don't dream about her.  I wish I would, because during the dream - for just a few minutes - she's alive and with us. Dreams can seem so real.

As I've mentioned before in this blog, dreams are fascinating to me and I think they are often very meaningful. Movies (like Inception), stories, and other media that explore the nature of dreams are some of my favorites. I have come to believe that most dreams:

  • Help us process what happened that day, or
  • Bring to the forefront what our deepest desires are, or  
  • Are used by God to get a message to us.

So last night, I spent some time my Mom. It was sweet. It was also very familiar. Like she did so many times, she was giving me some advice. I can hear her now, telling me what she would do and why. I think this was the third type of dream, because 1) the advice was so wise, and 2) if God wanted to get my attention, yeah, hearing from my Mom would do that.

What was it about? Oh no...that's between my mother and me. And it sounds really good to say that, even if it was a dream.

Message received, Lord.

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