Saturday, July 27, 2013

What's my mission?

Have you ever gotten confused about what you were really trying to accomplish? Gotten distracted from what you started out to do? I have. But maybe after today I'll remember something that will help keep me on task.

I had boarded a plane for Ohio, where tonight I was to see a friend perform in a summer production of Les Miserables. Just in case you're wondering, it was an awesome night and my friend did an amazing job portraying Marius. But...there, I'm doing it again. Back to the point.

After the door had closed we sat there without moving far too long. Finally, the flight attendant announced, "We were supposed to have already pushed back, but we realized that all our catering supplies had not been loaded. We're waiting for them now."

Excuse me?! It is about a 90 minute minute flight from Atlanta to Canton. Or less. Oh yeah...if we didn't get the catering on board, I'm sure we all would have starved.

Frankly, it was just funny to me. I wasn't in a hurry. But I did blurt out to my seat partner, "Is this an airlne or a restaurant?" Yep, I got my cheap laugh.

But seriously - in my opinion, this was a clear case of a company forgetting its mission. Getting passengers safely to their destination on time is the mission of an airline. Food should never get in the way of that; it's an extra.

So what about my life? What is my mission? Like the airline and other companies, I claim to have one. It's right here on this page: love God and love people. Everything else is built around that. Sure, there's work, hobbies, and such. But every day I need to remember what my mission is and make sure that when there's a choice to make, I base the choice on my mission.

Otherwise, I'm holding up the flight for a few cans of Coke and peanuts. And that's never good.

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