Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ethiopia 2013 - Days 4 & 5

Well, we're back!

It is amazing how much being connected means to us in 2013. Just a few years ago, I went to Russia with my church and we literally went days without any contact with home whatsoever. It felt like a different planet. Even last year in Ethiopia, the connectivity was slow and I really inly used it for this blog.

But this year it had been real easy for our team to give their families updates - loading pictures, sending emails, and even talking with FaceTime. And then it was gone for about 24 hours.

So we're back, and here's what has been going on:

We spent Tuesday as we did Monday, loving on kids as the flocked around us. There are so many kids in Korah of so many different ages. We played games, shared the Gospel, and just hung out with them. That is awesome in itself - it's what God calls us to do.

On Wednesday (today, except not really because it's after midnight), we divided the kids up into two groups and it was an incredible day. Some of our team shared a Bible lesson with some of the older teens, trying to help them catch a vision of how they can be everything God wants them to be and make a difference in the community. Others focused on the younger children with games, songs, and other activities that they loved - sharing the love of Jesus in an amazing way.

I don't often get emotional while I'm in the middle of working on something no matter how I feel - it's like my left brain turns off my right brain.  But twice today, I felt chill bumps and once was on the edge of years. I attribute that to the way you could see God moving.

It was an AWESOME day!

Well, it is very late and even I need sleep. I just couldn't let another day pass without sharing the awesome things that are happening here with this amazing team.

And so I'll close with a few pictures:

Good night!

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