Thursday, January 31, 2013


I don't ever want to grow up.

When I say that - and I do a lot - I'm not saying that I relish childish immature attitudes or that I want to avoid having adult responsibilities.

But still...I don't want to grow up. Meaning that I don't ever want to stop looking at life like I did when I was a child. Life is an adventure, and it's fun. I want to relish that. I also want to always be growing, always learning new things, always in touch with the best of God's creation. More than anything else, I don't ever want to hesitate to do something big because I'm too old and set in my ways.

But this post isn't about doing anything big. It's about keeping that childlike playfulness, that attitude that keeps you energetic to try big things. And how, well, jealous I was of this group of friends.

My friend Caroline tweeted a link to this article that talked about some friends in their 40s who are still playing a game of Tag after 23 years. The same game. Rather than me trying to describe it, here's the article:

It Takes Planning, Caution to Avoid Being "It"

What fun! While I have no idea whether these guys get it when it comes to life in general, I can say they get it in one respect: Putting a little fun in your life and finding a way to stay in touch with old friends is a good thing.

Very few of us can jut around the country playing Tag with our college buddies. But I dare say we can all find ways to value relationships and put some adventure in our lives. Any ideas?

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