Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A tradition

Tonight I continued a fairly new tradition. This is the third year that I've made a point of experiencing Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb of God. It is the most amazing thing. Through music, it tells the entire story of history - the story of Jesus who came to rescue us as God had promised. I can't put into words how he does it, although I took a shot two years ago. A weak shot.

What I do know is this: It is now an essential part of the Christmas season for me. When it ends, I feel I can celebrate the birth of the King of kings with the right perspective on why he came. That's the brain part. But I also am standing there in awe of the One who created me, loved me, and came to rescue me. That's the heart part. Combined, there's nothing left to do but worship.

This year, the fact that jumped out at me was that it was the God of Israel who came in the person of Jesus to fulfill the promise of the Passover for all people. And as I realized that, I could hear myself praying along with the children of Israel,

Lord, let your judgment passover us
Lord, let your love hover near
Don't let your sweet mercy passover us
Let this blood cover over us here

As you celebrate the season, may you experience the joy of knowing that, through the Messiah Jesus, God's judgment can pass over you, leaving nothing but his mercy and love.

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