Thursday, December 27, 2012


I was interested to read this article on Tim Tebow and the flap over his reaction to not starting for the Jets this past Sunday:

No Letup in Attacks on Tebow

Now, it's no secret that I was glad Greg McElroy got the start. It's great to see a Bama man get his chance, and I thought it was fitting that he be chosen over the guy that Bama tried to recruit before "settling" for Greg.

But the writer has a point. Tebow has been a model of character ever since he was thrust into the public eye. He often turns the other cheek to vicious comments. He works in overseas missions for the oppressed at every opportunity. He honors God's command to save himself for marriage. I think he lives a life of service to the King of kings to the best of his ability.

But he is human. And thus he is a sinner. And, as the article points out, the vultures are circling - waiting for their chance to say, "See? Fake! Fake! Fake!"

Because that's what happens when light shines in the darkness. The darkness can't stand it and wants to put it out. If I can show the light to be imperfect, maybe it'll have to go away.

And so they pounced this week. Tebow probably didn't handle the situation perfectly. I know I couldn't navigate that mine field. But wow, what an overreaction!

And, as the writer points out, they will continue to circle. Waiting for the next slip up.

And so it is for all of us who endeavor to follow Jesus. There are forces out there who don't want to believe it's real. And so they watch. And circle. Waiting to devour us if we falter.
And so it has been and so it is written / On the doorway to Paradise / That those who falter and those who fall / Must pay the price. (Javert in Stars, Les Miserables)
 No room for grace.

But we are children of grace. We will fail, and God is there to pick us up.

I pray for Tim Tebow. He is in the spotlight, and rightly or wrongly some will judge the validity of the Christian faith by watching him.

And I pray for you - because somewhere there is someone watching you in the same way. And so please...pray for me too.

Hang in there, Tim.

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