Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Not this time

I order my steaks medium well. Used to be it was always well done, but at some point I got a little less picky. Either way, I like when they actually cook meat. Raw meat is great for animals, and alot of people like rare steaks. But for me, that's why they invented cooking.

Today I ordered a filet, medium well. For some reason, many chefs at steak restaurants take offense at this. They think you are ruining a perfectly good steak and they resent it. I'm pretty sure that was the case today.

I usually can tell when this occurs. I end up with a piece of meat that is of pretty low quality. Streaks of fat that just should not be in that cut of meat. What happens, I've been told, is this. There's some meat in the kitchen that is not up to standards. Some fool like me orders a steak that is (to him) overcooked. So why waste good meat? Send the gristle out to the guy who doesn't know how to order a steak.

So today, I recognized it. And, in a very tactful nice way, I asked them if this was their usual cut of filet. I didn't say why or accuse them of anything. Just asked. And you know what? The chef came out, looked at the steak, and apologized.

By the way, the replacement filet was awesome! One of the best steaks I've had in a while.

No lessons or parallels here. Unless it's this: It is possible to ask for quality service and be kind at the same time. As they say, honey catches more flies than vinegar.

This restaurant handled the situation great. If I'm ever in San Antonio again, I'll return. "Well done", folks.

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