Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The speed of twitter

I came across this tweet today:

RT : Ohio St. confirms the Twitter policy @ Buckeyes press conferences has been lifted

I found it remarkable for a couple of reasons. First, I saw that something had been lifted that had only been announced a short time earlier. Basically, reporters assembled for the Urban Meyer press conference and were told that they would not be allowed to tweet while it was in progress. Before Twitter could even blow up over it, tweets were out that the ban had been lifted!

Such is the speed of today's news cycles. Last week the social media was hit with news that a local Tuscaloosa area (Northport actually) bakery had been told to cease and desist from making treats with Alabama's script A. Twitter and Facebook blew up over it, and an apology was issued by the end of the day. Such a thing would not have been heard of a few years ago.

So keep up people! THe world is changing. Unless it stopped changing while I wrote this. 

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