Monday, July 9, 2012

Ethiopia 2012: Wrap-Up

It's over. We're all back home after about a 30 hour journey. I am glad to be home with family and friends. But my heart also will always be with the people of Ethiopia, and I am determined not to forget them. It's not all about just one week a year. It's about finding ways to love the children we've met, when we are near and when we are far. As we sit here at home, they are still there dealing with obstacles that are hard to imagine. We must not forget.

We had six first-timers on our trip. All of them were used by God in incredible ways. And I am convinced they will carry this time in their hearts and look for ways to love the people we met - from afar by support, by going back, or both.

Six people. Six very special people. All using their unique spiritual gifts for the kingdom of God.

All of them had an amazing love for the children. You could not look around without seeing them surrounded by kids, and you could see grins for ear to ear. They loved these children with their whole hearts. I could talk about that for each one, but it was true for all of them.

I'll miss working with this team. But more that that, I will be grateful for the privilege of working along beside them. God put this team together; we didn't even know of the trip would happen three months ago. But it did, with just the right people. God is good.

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