Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 6 - Packed with love

First a logistical point - I'm renumbering the day designations. I should have counted from the day we left all along. Now that that's out of the way...

As we come to the close of our fourth full day in Addis, weare tired. But as they say, it’s a good kind of tired. It’s a good kind oftired because it was the fullest day yet. We had a solid morning in Korah andthen an afternoon at the Kidane Mihret orphanage. Nothing earth shattering,just a day of why we came. Lots of time with children, lots of joy, lots oflove.

Some highlights:
  • We tried whiffle ball for a sports activity with the kids and it was huge success. They lined up and took their turns and really had fun. It was a great way to spend time leading them.

  • A great message for the kids from Grant. He talked about how Jesus' trial and crucifixion was part of God's plan, and that like Jesus the kids can trust God no matter what happens to them.
  • Another VO team arrived today - a large team, around 30. I got to see three friends from past trips, and some of them took the lead on our arts and crafts. This freed up our folks to jump in a do the crafts with smaller groups of kids, a great time for them.

  • As mentioned yesterday, there is construction going on and a lot of cement arrived today - without incident. For a little while I helped shovel cement. I would have done it longer, but some of the staff kept showing me how to hold the shovel to do it efficiently and I obviously never got it right. After about 15 minutes, they gave up on me and took the shovel from me. Oh well, I tried!
  • We brought a solar-powered water purification device designed by Macy's friend Emily and we gave it to the women of Mission Ethiopia. They were so happy to get it! Macy, who is an engineering student, brought it and demonstrated to them how to use it. She did such a good job explaining it that I think even I could do it!
  • At the K-M orphanage, we played some sports with the older children. But we also went upstairs and visited the infants, including some with special needs. It was heartbreaking, but there was also a sense that we were doing exactly what Christ calls us to, whether the children were aware of it or not. I believe it does make a difference, even when we can't see it.

  • It was fun to watch Mark teach a few of the kids to play HORSE (basketball). They caught on very quickly! We have a feeling they'll be playing it for a while.

  • A mission group from Lebanon was there as well, and did some singing with the children. It was awesome to meet others following God's call from the other side (well, right now this side) of the world.

Well, I can't believe we have only two more days here, and only one at Korah. It will be a very emotional day tomorrow, as it will be so hard to say goodbye. Please pray for us - that God would provide strength for our team to have a productive last day, comfort as we say goodbye, and mostly that  God will use our work there in ways we can't see long after we're gone.

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  1. Love this! Smiling the whole time I was reading. So proud of Macy for being able to share how to use the water purification system! That is so awesome! And I had to laugh that they took the shovel away from you...hey, at least you tried! And then my heart broke as I thought of those special needs babies. So thankful that you all could love on them and let them know that Jesus loves them. Praying for you as you have to say goodbye...thankful that it isn't forever, just a "see you later". :-)