Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 7 - End or launching pad?

Today we spent our last day with the kids in Korah. It was sad knowing that we would be leaving, but also think we got the most out of it. Lots of play, a gospel message from Grant, lots of hugs, a time serving lunch to the children, and also an opportunity to meet some of the needs of the ministry. A great day...but a sad one. I never will forget the dozen or so children whom I bent over to hug, and found that intend they kissed me on the cheek. It was hard to leave.

Mark. Melissa. Grant. Melinda, Macy. Jenny. These people have been real heroes working for God's kingdom this week, and I cannot imagine having this adventure without them. Give a prayer of thanks for them.

And as we prepare to head home tomorrow night, I ask for your prayers.

  • I ask that you would pray with me that God would continue to do great things in this community. His presence is so strong there, and he has many servants here full time, and many more from a distance like us who are coming in waves.
  • I ask for prayers that the things we did would not be the end, but a lurching pad. Certainly a launching pad for things God will do there after we leave as a result of our visit. And a launching pad for those on our team who will feel called to stay involved with the work there - by returning and/or advocating for those kids back in the States. Pray that each one of us will know what if anything God is calling us to do as a result of this trip.
  • And of course we ask for God to guide our way home, as he guided our way here. (But just maybe with a little less drama, Lord?)
Thank you for the prayers. Let me end with just a few snapshots of our last full day...

God bless all of you for praying for us!

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  1. How great it has been to follow your story. Praying.
    T-minus 3...2...1...