Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A daring rescue

So have you heard about the boy who was rescued from a waterfall this week. It's an amazing story. Watch:

Wow! I can't even imagine how scared this kid must have been. Or how much pressure the rescuers must have felt. And it's obvious they were risking their lives to save him.

My favorite part of story is something that was shared on the news today. According to interviews, the boy - clinging to the rock for his life - asked the rescue worker, "Do you have a plan?" When he got a positive response, he then asked, "Is it going to work?" What presence of mind by such a young boy!

It did remind me of my own condition as a human being. There was a time when I was clinging to whatever I could hold on to, desperately trying to avoid slipping into the abyss created by my sin and selfishness. I don't think I was smart enough to ask God if he had a plan. But he did. And it worked.

Thanks be to the Father, whose plan was to send Jesus to take on my punishment. And to rescue me from the kingdom of this world to be part of his Kingdom.

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