Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crowning the King

With less than a month to go before my team heads to Ethiopia, a classic hymn of the faith grabbed hold of me tonight. All Hail The Power of Jesus' Name is that hymn.

A couple of reasons that the lyrics jumped out at me as we sang them at choir tonight:

1. As you know from my last blog post, I just finished reading an incredible book called How God Became King. I began to see how the Gospels are the record of how Jesus the Messiah came to be declared King of all creation, being crowned through his sacrificial death on the cross. The God and King of Israel reigns over all the earth.

2. This gives meaning to everything I do. We are part of God's plan to proclaim that this world which was under the dominion of Satan is now ruled by the God of Israel as revealed through Jesus. As the hymn says, "let every kindred, every him all majesty ascribe." Everyone. Everywhere.

3. It also gives me hope for the future. Death no longer has a hold on me, and one day I will fall at his feet with "yonder sacred throng" - those who have gone into his presence before us. And I will "join the everlasting song", the one already resonating through creation.

Yes, he was crowned Lord of all at the cross. Soak it in as you listen:

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