Thursday, April 5, 2012

How much is it worth?

Today I got this email from Apple:

I got it because I indeed was the owner of an iPhone 4. If you haven't heard, there was a class action lawsuit because of some problems with the model's antenna. It was recently settled, and as a result, I could easily get $15. But...

But if you read the email a little closer, I have to do something to get my settlement. Look closer:

Yeah, you have to send in a form, and one of the things you have to say on the form is that you "experienced antenna or reception issues" with the iPhone 4.

How many chances do we have to cheat the system a little bit?
Nobody's looking. Nobody can prove whether I had issues or not. So we grab. They're a big company and they'll never miss that money. They've probably cheated me at some point anyway. And so on.
But that's exactly what character is. It's what you do when nobody's looking. When nobody will ever find out. When nobody can prove anything.

I'm sure alot of people did have trouble with the iPhone 4. And they should send in their form. Not feel guilty about it. But if they didn't....well, they will learn a little something about themselves.

I don't know what integrity is worth. I think it's priceless. But for dang sure it's worth more than $15.

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  1. But how do you know that you didn't have reception issues? Surely at some point you had no signal (especially as much as you travel). So how do you know if you were just "off the network" or you would have had a signal with a proper antenna?

    And of course b, c, and d, would only come into play if you knew you had a problem.

    Just the science guy in me ...