Thursday, February 2, 2012

Learning to lean

So yes, the bone was broken. After 19,182 days. So when I went to see the doctor Monday afternoon, I got good news and bad news. The good news? The break is at a part of the bone that will allow it to heal if I keep it immobilized. Instead of resetting it and putting on a cast, I can wear a boot. If it heals like it should, I can avoid the cast.

The bad news? It's my right foot. So the doctor predictably told me that I can't drive. Not until it heals and I stop wearing the boot?

Have you ever had to have other people drive you around? Well, I've got to tell you, I did not fully appreciate how much I depend on my ability to drive. I'm single, live alone, and consider myself very independent. Well not anymore.

I've got to get a ride to work in the morning. I've need a ride home in the evening. When I got ready to go to lunch with my friend Frank today, I couldn't meet him at Street Cafe - he had to pick me up. I'm heading to Bermuda for work next week, guessed it...out of Atlanta. So I had to find a shuttle service, and I'll need someone to take me to the pickup point. I don't cook, so someone has to get me something to eat. Arghhhh!

So what I have learned in the last three days is what unbelievable family and friends I have. Joe takes me to  work and back. Dad gives me aside other places and makes sure I have food. Kristy and Kay call to check on how I'm doing. Shannon at work makes me stay in my office and runs around to get all sorts of stuff I'm used to getting myself. Clark wouldn't let me get up to fix my own food at his house the other night. Several friends have offered to give me rides - Clark, Laura, Tommy, Brian.....and on and on and on.

Clark tells me that this is good for me. That I need to learn to depend on other people instead of doing everything for myself. I need to take this opportunity to learn to lean on those who love me.

He's right, you know. We are meant to be interdependent, not independent. Galatians 6:2 says, "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." The whole chapter of 1 Corinthians 12 is about the body of Christ and how we each have a part to play. No man is an island.

Not only that, but we need to learn to lean on Jesus. If I think I can do it all myself, I have excluded the One who carried my burden to the cross and wants to direct my paths every day. And here's the kicker: if I can't learn to depend on my friends and family (whom I can see), why would I be inclined to lean on God (whom I can't).

So I'm learning. It's not easy. I feel like such a burden when I ask someone to take me somewhere or when they bring me my food instead of me getting it myself. I thank, and thank, and overthank. But I'm beginning to see that as long as I think that way it means I just don't get it. We're all here for each other. And sometimes we need to just let that happen and be grateful.

And then, as a downstream benefit, we figure out that we have to depend on our Lord. For everything.

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