Friday, January 20, 2012

Random signs around the office

I look at things weird. Or, I guess to get the grammar right, weirdly. If you're around me much, you'll here reference to ridiculously silly puns. So here are two observations about signs at my work place:

This sign is displayed in the mornings as we enter the office, to point out that we are required to swipe our security badge as we go through the door. So here's my question: If this is required at all times, when are we supposed to get our work done? Yeah, I know...haha.

And then there is this pair of signs, on opposite sides of the same door - an exit door from our cafeteria:

Outside of door

Inside of door

So, once again a question: If this door is only for exits, why should the people walking out have to open it slowly? I guess that means we expect people to ignore the "exit only" sign, and so we need to be careful opening the door in case someone is on the other side trying to enter. Despite the sign.

Either that or we're just being careful.

Just random observations...yeah, I look at things weird. ly.

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