Sunday, November 6, 2011

Alabama-LSU...random thoughts

Some random thoughts in the aftermath of the big game:

  • Of course we Bama fans are very disappointed. It is difficult to express the feeling in your gut when your team loses a game with so much on the line. The mood around our place after the game was somber, as one would expect. Three thoughts that put it in perspective for me though:
  1. When your team loses regularly, losses don't hurt this much. The fact that it did is a sign that we have a premiere program that expects to win every game. That's a good thing - even if it makes the hurt deeper.
  2. The possibility each game of a night like last night is what make the wins sweeter.
  3. Most importantly, there is real hurt in the world; this is something I do for fun. Just thinking about my friends in Korah puts it all in perspective. By a mile.
  • We got there Thursday night and experienced the most amazing big game atmosphere I've even been around. And that includes the six national championship games I've attended. The whole campus was buzzing all week, ESPN was constantly broadcasting with bigger and bigger crowds present, and inside the stadium, well, the stadium was full and loud an hour before the game. It was SO much fun! For just a taste, here's a link to a video tweeted by LeBron James (who was there) from just before kickoff.
  • There were so many opportunities for the Tide, and they seemed on the verge of establishing dominance all night, but it never happened. Twelve men in the huddle. A key block in the back. A ball wrestled away by a DB, preventing a TD. 
  • All these missed chances make it just ridiculous to blame a kicker. (For more thoughts about the kicking aspect, check out this excellent blog post from former Bama kicker Leigh Tiffin.)
  • Finally, tonight we discover that Alabama only dropped one spot in the BCS standings, to #3. This thing is far from over! But the Tide must take advantage of the opportunity and play well against Mississippi State this weekend. Yes, we now have other teams we need to root for. But first things first: beat State!
Sometimes after a tough loss, I want to scream, "I hate football!" But I don't. It is the best sport ever, even with the lows.

Roll Tide!


  1. Awesome Don!
    Jennifer A

  2. In the end, it's just a bunch of guys playing a game.

  3. A weekend I'll never forget. Thanks for perspective. Roll Tide!