Friday, June 10, 2011

Yeah it did

Yes, Super 8 lived up to the hype. To me it's always tough to classify a movie as one of your favorites when it's so fresh because the newest movie is magnified in your mind. The good and the bad. But I really believe this one will become a classic, and will be one of my favorites.

It was both exciting and funny, as well as heart-wrenching. Amazing special effects - it had the most awesome train wreck you'll ever see on a screen. Great acting performances by very young actors. And it contained themes of friendship, grief, parenting, love, and forgiveness. And at times I found myself being glad the dark theater obscured what was going on in the corner of my eyes.

When you see it, make sure you don't leave when the credits start rolling.

Ok, I really want to touch on some of the themes and write a more thorough review, but I'll give everyone a couple of weeks to see it first. Go. And then come back later for another post.

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