Monday, June 27, 2011

What a game

My niece Haley said it best in her tweet a few minutes ago. She said, "This is why there's nothing better than college sports. Especially in the #SEC. #hurryupfootball".

Tonight's college baseball game between South Carolina and Florida had it all. Drama, great plays, unbelievable intensity...and we got two extra innings of it to boot. (For details, here's a link to the game story.)

I won't deny the outcome was part of why I enjoyed it. I never cared much for Florida and also the Gamecocks are wearing a sticker on their helmet in recognition of the tornado tragedy in Alabama. But really - no matter how that game turned out, it was awesome competition.

There is at least one more game in the series tomorrow night. If you're free, do yourself a favor and catch it. And anytime you have a chance to watch SEC teams square off, watch! Even if it's a game of

'Cause there really is nothing like college sports.

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