Thursday, January 27, 2011

Touching down in Ethiopia

I met Laura in the Atlanta airport. My niece Brooke and I were about to embark on an adventure that would change our lives - a mission to love on orphans in Africa with 28 people whom we had never met. Brooke, Laura, and two others would spend several hours together before meeting up with the rest of the team in the DC airport, so we got to know each other quickly.

Laura and her husband Tymm have a daughter whom they adopted from Ethiopia. She is a tremendous blessing to them, and it is a joy to follow her growth on their blog. They are an inspiration to me as they live out their lives in obedience to God - loving this little girl with all their heart.
Hoffman family...before
They have been preparing for over a year to add to their family, and the time for their court date in Ethiopia is here. Laura headed over there while Tymm stayed home caring for their other daughter Meron. As I write this, Laura and her friend (and mine) Tamara are probably collected their luggage from baggage claim in the Addis airport.  How exciting!
Tamara and Laura, on the last day of our 2010 trip
In less than 24 hours, Laura will get to hold her girl for the first time - I can't even imagine the joy. And they will also get to spend some time in Korah, a place that has grabbed my heart. I am so excited for them I can hardly stand it, and I'm also praying for God to use their time there.

If you would like to read more about the Hoffman story and follow the events of Laura's trip, check out their blog in this link. And if you think of it, please join me in praying for them, and for Tymm back here at home.

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