Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fringe Fridays

There are few great television shows. A little more than a year ago, the final season of my all time favorite show began.  LOST.  I remember the anticipation of finally seeing the conclusion of its amazing story arc. I could not wait to see it, and yet I dreaded its end. It was a fantastic run, ending May 23. I will never forget that night, gathering with friends and family to celebrate the six-year journey. The night at my home is captured in this video:

LOST was one of the many brilliant projects of JJ Abrams, a genius who is perhaps the leading storyteller of our time. Another of his creations is the show Fringe. It's a show built on a premise of mystery,  and unexplained phenomena...but it also has strong characters whom I've grown to care about, and a healthy mix of humor. It's a fun, exciting, thought-provoking, and emotional story. It's not LOST, but, well, what is?

Fringe has gotten better with age. The characters have become more complex and the writing is very strong. I'm excited about the second half of season 3 beginning tomorrow night. But also apprehensive. This quote from a fan site explains why:
It's a fascinating, emotional tale that's improving every week. And now all that's at risk after having been sent to what's commonly referred to as "the death slot." But at least "Fringe" isn't going quietly.
 Yes, Friday night is a graveyard for television shows. (Most of us have other things to do on Friday nights.) So if you are also a fan, please watch it. If you happens to be home tomorrow night, watch it live. If you've never seen it, give it a try.

This show, like LOST, is telling a long compelling story. The thread runs through the shorter stories that are told in individual episodes. I will always love the fact that I got to see a completed story with the end of LOST. I'm looking forward to seeing a completed story with the last Harry Potter movie next summer.  Here's hoping that Fringe will get the same opportunity. Join me if you will.

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