Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two accidents

This week I saw one accident and caused another.  Both struck me as odd:

  • I was driving on Ann St under I-85 on Wednesday when I saw something I don't remember seeing before.  There had obviously been a fender bender and there was a police car behind another with its lights flashing.  Beside it, the police officer was talking with someone.  Then I noticed:  The front of the polics car was smashed in.  The back bumper of the other car too.  It was obvious what had happened.  So I wondered: How did THAT conversation go?  The official police position is that in a rear-end collision the back car is always at fault -- did it apply here?  And if so, who pays the claim if the officer was at fault?
  • THe next day, I was in a meeting at work with some pretty high up folks.  The conference room was full, and we were going over a presentation about weather catastrophe modeling.  Analysis of potential for large, sudden events that could be costly.  Right at a key point, my hand has some sort of spasm and I knock over my cup of coffee.  Not an ordinary cup of coffee, mind you.  It was a hot, freshly brewed cup of coffee in a stinkin' 24-OUNCE MUG!  With no lid.  Yep, it went all over the place, and the meeting had to stop while we cleaned it up.  Oops!  However, everyone knows I'm a clutz (and it somehow missed the projector and everyone's clothes), so they laughed it off.  What was odd about this?  We were talking catastrophic events, and then I demonstrated one.  Yep.
But dang, I wasted 24 ounces of awesome coffee!  Do I take coffee seriously?  Ummm, I grind the beans right before brewing each pot.  So yeah.

Well, off to bed and then the big game in Fayetteville tomorrow.  Hopefully, it'll be something I wanna write about.  Enough accidents for one week.

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  1. Donnie! Seriously. Are you sure you are not a long lost Webster sibling or something? Rob and I grind beans for every single pot of coffee. We are total coffee snobs.