Tuesday, September 7, 2010

All that in one weekend?

What an incredible weekend it was.  Yes, there were three days thanks to the holiday...but seriously -- how can you cram this into one weekend?  Family, football, friends:

  • Opening weekend on college football season in Tuscaloosa.  I was able to spend Saturday with my family and close friends.  We hung out at the condo and also at my nieces' house (AKA the "Hackshack").  We ate way too much food.  We watched some games on TV.  We laughed, talked, and enjoyed each other all day.   Then we entered the newly renovated Bryant-Denny Stadium and it is beautiful  The Tide topped off the day by racking up 591 yards of offense in a 48-3 win.  This was the highlight:

  • I left early Sunday morning for Nashville.  I then spent the next 28 hours or so with some of the awesome people on earth - our Africa team from earlier in the summer.  I went to Elissa's church and had one of the best worship times in recent memory.  Then came an amazing lunch:
  • Then we went and hung out at Nate's house until after midnight, and it seemed like only a couple of hours.  It went way too fast!
  • After a late morning breakfast with a few on them, I headed home, hoping to see them all again soon.
  • Finally, I went over to my sister's house as we usually do on Mondays.  But being a holiday, there were burgers and just great hangout time.
I have the best family and friends.  And for that reason, a weekend like this reminds me of how good God is to me.  Yep...incredible!

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  1. Love it Donnie! Glad to hear you had such a refreshing weekend. While I could't make it, my heart was most definitely with " y'all!" ;) Miss you friend!
    Running into the roar,