Monday, September 13, 2010

College Football Week 2 - Top 5 Observations

5.  Georgia is not the same team without A.J. Green.  Yes, South Carolina looked impressive and they may be the formidable opponent for top-ranked Alabama (yeah, I just like saying that.)  Lattimore is an amazing runner.  But I have a feeling that a Bulldog offense with Green would have scored more than 17.

4.  Maybe James Madison should be ranked #3 instead of Boise State.  They both beat Virginia Tech, and they both play schedules not worthy of a Division I-A contender.  And Boise -- if you want to be taken seriously, get a real football field.

3.  Looks like Lame Kiffin may already be destroying the once-mighty USC Trojans.  There's no way the sanctions are affecting them yet; they still have lots of talent.  A 17-14 win over Virginia at home does not inspire confidence.  Especially since two years ago they beat the Cavaliers 52-7 in Virginia.

2.  Very impressive performance by Denard Robinson.  He is easily the most impressive QB I've seen this season.  He has performed at a high level for two weeks, and his 502 (!!) all-purpose yards were amazing.  He almost single-handedly handed the loss the Notre Dame.  He is the real deal, and would currently be my choice for Heisman.

1.  Trent Richardson is a beast.  A freak of nature.  It's scary to think of what Alabama's running game can be with both him and Mark Ingram.  Bama's defense is showing alot of talent and potential, but we'll see where they really are when they face more potent offenses than Penn State.  A very solid win by the Tide though.

All in all, a great weekend of football.  I love this game!

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