Saturday, June 20, 2015


Yesterday at noon, I was privileged to be part of something that can only be described as transcendent. In the aftermath of the unspeakable tragedy in Charleston this week, Christians from across our city gathered to pray. To pray, to sing, to worship, and to join out hearts together. Citizens of Montgomery from across multiple churches, in a rich mixture of black and white, gathered to come before God as one. There was no message being sent. And that's what makes the message so powerful. If you are in God's kingdom - part of God's family - nothing else matters.

Over the course of an hour, we were led in prayers by ministers from across our city:

  • A prayer for the nation by Rev. Lawson Bryan of First United Methodist Church
  • A prayer for our state by Rev. Claude Shuford of Mount Zion AMEZ Church
  • A prayer for forgiveness by Rev. James Turner of the Victory Through Faith Worship Center
  • A prayer for the Church by Rev. Farrell Duncomb of St. Paul AME Church
  • A prayer for reconciliation by Rev. Emmanuel Williams of Resurrection Catholic Church
  • A prayer for the family by Rev. Brian Miller of Aldersgate United Methodist Church 
  • And a prayer for unity by Rev. E. Baxter Morris of First Baptist, Ripley Street
And then our mayor shared some remarks leading into the singing of Amazing Grace.

You should have heard it!

The focus of the day was of course the victims of the Charleston shooting. It was not about us, not about our city, not about our problems. But I have to admit that I could not help thinking about those things. I saw hope, springing from the only place hope comes from.

From the the only answer to the madness around us - the gospel of Jesus the Messiah.

We have seen it in the way the victims' families have responded to their loss. (If you've ever read a link from my page, read this one!) And I saw it yesterday in the prayers of my fellow believers.

Love. In the face of hate. That's what we saw in Jesus at the cross, and it's a big part of what makes the Gospel different from religion.

And it's why evil will not win.

For that I'm thankful.

And hopeful.

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