Thursday, November 14, 2013


It was Tuesday, and a very hectic day. I had gone through a series of meetings and was running a little behind on some work that was due. AS 3:30 approached, I was about to pick up the phone to keep a call appointment I had made.

And the phone rang.

I picked it up, and I was immediately stressed. It was a call about about an important business decision and I needed to explain the current status carefully. But I didn't. I was thinking about the person who was waiting for my call...I got in a hurry...and I bit the head off the coworker on the phone. I was short, irritated, and, IMO, rude.

As I hung up, I looked down at my wrist and saw this:

Yep, it was a wristband I got at church recently, one to help remind me that life is about Jesus. As the other side says, "All Jesus All the Time."

So after my call, I got ready to go see the coworker, apologize, and start the conversation over. And, like any self-respecting Christian who just got caught falling short, I pushed the wristband way up my arm under my sleeve so it wouldn't show. i was embarrassed.

How silly of course. Because I don't claim the name of Jesus just by wearing a wristband. I talk about him on a regular basis and everyone knows that I consider him the King of the universe who came to bring us back to God.

Wristband or no, I represent him. And wristband or no, I fail. Every. Single. Day.

Fortunately, his plan, purpose, and Kingdom don't depend on me being good enough. It's because he is worthy that I want friends and family to follow him. Because he is, not me.

But I do need to remember - I am wearing his mark everywhere I go, and people are watching. Thank God for grace that works in peoples' lives despite my failings. But even more, thank God for grace that works in me to make me more like him as I submit. And hopefully, through all my goof-ups, friends can see that he is changing me a little at a time, and so he can change them too.


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