Friday, June 14, 2013


Foolproof. An adjective that is used way too often. "Our marketing plan is foolproof." The instructions for putting this cabinet together are foolproof." Or, in the movies, it seems they villain's plan is always foolproof.

Yeah, right.

It's a strong term, and an almost impossible standard. No, probably not just is impossible. We human beings can mess up anything.

Yep, we can...but not the God of the universe. His plans are indeed foolproof...especially when the fool is me.

I cam across this Scripture from Psalm 69:5-6 in my morning devotional:
O God, you know my foolishness, 
and my faults are not hidden from you. 
Let not those who hope in you be put to shame through me, Lord God of hosts; 
let not those who seek you be disgraced because of me, O God of Israel.
 What a powerful prayer! Because my foolishness is so vast. I open my mouth when I should keep it shut. I keep silent when I should stand up for somebody weaker than me. I let my desire to be liked affect way too much of what I do. I procrastinate like nobody's business. I do things without thinking them all the way through. Foolishness.

How liberating that I can pray to a King so powerful, loving, and wise that he is able to protect me from myself. Not meaning that the consequences don't come - not at all. But rather that he will take it and use it to display his glory and for the good of his eternal purposes.

And so I can pray with confidence: Yes, Lord, I have plenty of faults and you know them. But please protect those I love from getting caught in the crossfire. And protect those who serve you from getting blamed for my foolishness.

This is such a comfort right now as we approach our departure for Africa. As the team leader there is so much to do. So many details. So many chances to forget something or mess something up. It could be crippling....but it's not. I am relaxed because I'm resting in him.  It's not going to be a successful trip because of me. It's because of Jesus.

Please pray for me and the team as we continue our preparations. Because the One you pray to is the One who is doing the work. And he will bring it to fruition.

His plans ARE...


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