Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ethiopia 2013 - Settled in

Well, it was a long flight and a long day, but we are settled in to the Guest Home. No great miracles like last year, just God being faithful to get us where he wanted us when he wanted us there. Sixteen people called to be hands and feet of the Father across the world. What an exciting week awaits!

Today after some worship time, a good lunch, and about 2 hours where we looked like zombies sitting around the room, we spent some time with some of the women working for Mission Ethiopia. We also visited the homes of two families in the community and were blown away by the humble spirit of them as they welcomed us into their homes.

This is an amazing team and I am so excited to be working with everyone of them.

I am not sure how much blogging time I will have this year, but I will try to post updates at least every couple of days. Or whenever God shows his glory in such I wait that I can't contain it. I don't know how yet, but I expect that to happen. Can't wait!

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