Monday, May 6, 2013

Turning point

Today is kind of an important day for me. A milestone. You might even call it a birthday..

On this date back in the 7th grade, I made a very important decision - the most important decision of my life. For it was on this date way back then that I gave my life to Christ and began a personal relationship with my Creator.

Yes, I had been a good church kid growing up and for the most part stayed out of trouble. I knew the facts. But that weekend our church had what was them called a "Lay Ministry Weekend." Church members from another church in Dothan came and shared with us their personal stories - how knowing and following Jesus had changed their lives. Several young people about my age and shared on Friday night and Saturday.

One of them, Jon, made an especially strong impression on me. Several months later he died from a head injury in football practice at the age of 14. In his short life, he made a tremendous impact for the Kingdom of God and his impact .continues today.

But I digress. As these new friends shared with me, I realized that just going to church and trying to be good was not what God wanted from me and was not going to get me anywhere. He wanted me to know him. So on the afternoon of May 6 I prayed, told God I wanted to be his, and put my faith in Jesus.

There have been a lot of speed bumps, trials, temptations, and out-and-out failures. Heck, I've messed up several times just today. But he has been there with me through all of them and continues to work in my life to conform me to the image of Christ.

 There is not a moment in my life that was more important. Because of that I was changed. For good.

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