Monday, March 11, 2013

One enduring echo

One enduring echo. This phrase has been echoing through my brain since this morning.

I had the privilege of worshipping in Tallahassee this morning at Element 3 Church. During the worship music, the lyrics of a song just jumped out at me. I got a glimpse of my purpose that has stayed with me all day.

The song was Great Is the Lord by Starfield. You can listen to it here:

The last verse is what is resonating with me. If you didn't notice while listening, here is what it says:
When death becomes 
The end of all my labors 
And Christ alone my rest and reward

May all I've done
Be one enduring echo
Resounding on to shout
Great is the Lord
Yes, one day I will face death. Maybe a long time from now, maybe not. So when that day comes, what do I want? Well, of course I am looking forward to my rest and reward. To being in the presence of Christ and one day to receive my resurrection body and reign with him. That's all fantastic! But if that's all I want, I'm pretty selfish. Is that why I've committed my life to Jesus? Just so I can get a reward at the end?

I think if that's the case, I've missed the point. I've been saved not just for me, but for the kingdom. This verse brought that home. My biggest prayer for that day should not be about my reward, but the glory of the One who made me and rescued me.

The echoes are all around me, shouting, Great is the Lord. My sister's life is echoing this, and has been for almost 17 years. My mother's life for over six years. Aunts. Uncles. Grandparents. Friends. I can hear the echoes all around me.

And so that's my prayer. May what I do tomorrow shout, Great is the Lord. So that it can echo long after I'm gone.

That is a legacy worth living for.

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