Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two and a Half

Did any of you catch this story today?

Star of Two and a Half Men trashes show

This raises alot of very interesting questions for me as I live out my life in one kingdom while being a citizen of another.

It seems young Mr. Jones has come to the realization that the show he's working on promotes values he no longer believes in. So, while continuing to work and draw a huge paycheck, he is asking us not to watch. So is he a hypocrite? (Well, of course he is since "hypocrite" means play-actor. But you know what I mean.) If he actually wanted to leave the show, could he break his contract? And if he did, would the breaking of his word be a greater sin than working for a show he believes is wrong?

Should we admire him for speaking up, or be disappointed in him for continuing to work there?

These are tough questions. I don't have all the answers; if I did, I wouldn't suffer the same tension as I live in a world where self-promotion is everything while trying to serve a King who tells me to die to myself. But there are some basic principles that I think apply.

  • In any profession or worldly endeavor we will be part of systems that go against what we believe in our core.
  • We cannot, must not, give in to those and be just like the citizens of this world.
  • But we also must not withdraw from the world. We can't be the salt of the earth and the light of the world if we refuse to be part of the world.
  • While we are part of this world's culture and power structures, we must never fear to stand up for truth. If we keep silent because we fear consequences, that will be a sign that we have bought in to the current age instead of God's coming age.

I don't know Mr. Jones' heart. But it seems to me he's trying to live out the tension as best he can. I may not agree with him. But I can pray for him.

And as I work through these issues in my own world, I can use your prayers as well. Thanks.

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