Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No stopping them

Okay, have you heard about the Alabama football fans who had a slight detour on the way to the Ole Miss game last weekend. A slight detour as in, a plane crash! But that didn't stop them because....well, here's a link to the story...see for yourself:

Bama fans undeterred by plan crash - CBS Sports

Crazy, no? I know football fans in this state are dedicated, but that's a whole new level.

But....it did make me think of two games in my past.

1) I was on my way to a home game (I think it may have been Ole Miss) with a friend. We were going around the loop onto University from McFarland when I felt a bump from behind. Yes, when I stopped to yield, the car behind me kept going. It turned out that there was no damage and we moved on. But what I remember the most is that I didn't think, "Dang, my car is damaged!" or "Dang, my neck is sore!" My first thought was, "Dang, I'm going to be late to the game!" True story.

2) In 2007 my nieces and I were sitting by our car in Starkville, MS tailgating before the Bama-MSU game. We were listening to the radio from my car when suddenly the sound stopped. It stopped because the battery was dead on my car. Well, I called around a little to see who could come and jump it off but with ball game traffic there were no good options. So I made the only rational decision I could: I decided we would go to the game and worry about getting the car started afterward. All of us agreed - we couldn't miss the game. Again, true story. (Right, Macy? Haley? Brooke?) Fortunately, the car gathered enough juice sitting idle for several hours that it actually started when we got back. I'm not sure that taught me the appropriate lesson.

So yes, we football fans are a little focused on game day. It is so much fun that we don't want to miss it. But rest assured: if I'm in a plane that crashes and I'm lucky enough to survive, I'm done for that day.

Promise. Really.

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