Friday, October 7, 2011


Yes, I'm just that dumb.

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I was trying to "double task". I was packing and loading up the car for this weekend's trip to Tuscaloosa. Yes, another football weekend, and as always I was a little excited.

Part of the prep routine is getting the car ready to take my dog Elphie along. I have a protective covering for the back seat that hooks over the car's headrests, and it makes for a comfortable ride (I think; Elphie has never actually told me so) and protects the car. So I folded the back seats down and got ready to hook in the covering. But when I got ready to hang it over the back seat headrests, this is what I saw:

Where is the headrest?? Yes, the headrests were missing. How the heck could that be?

I looked in the floorboards. I looked in the trunk. I tried to figure out how in the world a pair of headrests could disappear. I don't even know how to remove them myself. And why? Did someone break into my car and steal the stinkin' headrests, all while leaving other valuables in the car? Not likely. And yet...where were they? I was almost late to work trying to figure it out.

I called my dad from work and told him and he was as puzzle as I. The word quickly spread amongst the family and the bewilderment was universal. I texted my niece who rode in the back seat on a recent trip, and she had no idea. 

And then, as I was telling a friend at work (I have no shame), it hit me. The picture from the morning entered my mind. and I felt like an idiot.

Here's the deal: The seat cover is designed to protect the seats, not the flat surface that's created when I fold the seats down. The reason the headrests were "missing" is that I had folded the seats down! And in doing so....duh, the headrests got folded down with them.

Yes, I can be just that dense. I're not laughing with me, you're laughing at me. And so am I.

So here are the seats, folded back up where they belong:

The mystery of the "stolen" headrests solved, and all is right with the world.

And Elphie and I are in T-town, ready for tomorrow's game. Roll tide.

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