Sunday, August 14, 2011

So cool...

My family is so cool:

Haley Pannone
 watching Elite 11 QB camp on espnu. I am loving Jameis Winston. Attitude, personality, talent- He's great.  ;)

I love so much about my family. The way we have stayed close over the years, through some very difficult and tragic circumstances. The fact that we still hang out as much as possible despite busy lives going in separate directions. This goes almost without saying.

But when I read this tweet last night, it hit me afresh. My niece...tweeting a friend who she knows because of me...about football. No, not just about football, but about a show on high school quarterbacks and congratulating him on their school getting the kid.

The other night, she and another niece began tweeting about the opening of the NFL preseason. It brought a smile to my face.

Yes, the family the prays together stays together. And at the center of our being as a famiiy, that's who we are. But playing together doesn't hurt either.

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