Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End

There's almost no way you could have missed it. It's been all over the web...tweeted about, blogged about, and posted on facebook. It's even been all over old fashioned media like TV news. Today - May 21, 2011 - is the end. says so here, among other places.

Fortunately for me, I'll have a head start. Yep, about the time I believe it's supposed to happen, I'l be on a plane bound for Seattle. So I'll have a 30,000 foot head start on the rest of you being raptured.

But wait a minute...hold the phone. What about this quote from Jesus?
“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. (Mark 13:32)
So we don't know? It might not be tomorrow? Oh well. (Of course, the weird thing is it could be; I don't think the Father would plan the Day and then change it just to make sure some misguided "prophet" was wrong.) But if it is, this guy did not know it. It's not possible.

I plan to be ready if it is - just like every other day. Because that is what we have been encouraged to do.

So, I'm in the camp who thinks it just may not be the day. In addition to what Jesus said, below is a link to 22 more reasons. My favorite is the guy who tweeted about having concert tickets. Enjoy:

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  1. Love this post, Donnie. As always. I hope you're having a wonderful rapture free vacation in the Pacific Northwest. Can't wait to hear about your trip and see pictures when you get back.