Thursday, May 26, 2011

Alaska...halfway through

Ok, it's a little more than halfway, but I wish it weren't. I am having the most awesome time seeing Alaska with family. I will be posting a large number of pictures on facebook when I get home, but I thought I'd put a few on here for those of you who are wondering if we're still alive. (Online and cell phone communication has been spotty.)

Before we set sail, we spent the night in Seattle. And how can you go to Seattle without seeing the Space Needle?
Brooke and Hunter atop the Space Needle
We have all had such a good time hanging out. Here are a few pictures from dinner - I hope you can see the joy in everyone's eyes like I have in person.
Macy enjoying a cappuccino

Joe and Kay

Kristy and Joe

Macy, Haley, & Brooke

And, of course, Hunter
And somehow my Dad has avoided the camera. Gotta remedy that!

Of course we have seen some unbelievable demostrations of God's creativity in the glaciers.
A picture of a picture being, huh?

The Reid Glacier, in Glacier Bay National Park

And as we were taking it in, here is maybe my favorite picture from the trip so far:

Kristy, Macy, Haley, and Joe taking it all in
And on it goes, as we spent the day in Juneau.

At the state capitol

Macy, Brooke, Haley and close I wanna get to a bear
And we topped the day off with various excursions, including my group that got to do some dog sledding:

All in all, an amazing week so far. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

And with that, I've used enough online minutes, and I also need some sleep. Good night!

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  1. love love love the pics!!! thanks for using your online time to share!!