Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last night (really this morning) the strangest thing happened.  I woke up at 3:30 am, and I heard voices from my den.  Yes, I live alone, so that was NOT good!

Let me back up.  Last night I fell asleep in the den, which probably happens to me once or twice a week.  It happens when I'm watching TV and don't realize how tired I am.  Well, when I woke up I turned off the TV and headed to bed.  I was very sure I did this, because my dog Elphie headed toward the bed when the TV went off.  She always does this.

So, it's about 3:30.  I am suddenly awakened by the sound of voices.  Down the hall I see light -- light that I am sure I didn't leave on.  You can bet the adrenaline kicked in!  What do I do?  Do I quietly call 911 on my cell phone?  Do I get up and challenge the intruders?  Do I "play dead" and let them take my stuff because I don't know whether they have a gun? 

So I lay there.  Thinking.  Listening.  And as I did I got my wits about me and realized that the conversation was very relaxed for someone breaking into a house.  Yep, you got it -- I was hearing voices from the TV, which was on for some reason.

I turned it off.  I know I did.  Elphie is my witness.  So I stood there wondering...why in the world did someone break into my house, find the universal remote, turn on the Control 4 system, select TV from the remote, turn it on, and then leave, locking all the doors behind them?  Cause that must have happened!

Either that, or my TV system has gremlins.


  1. I read this out loud to Hillary and afterwards she said "He should be a suspense writer...that got my heart going!"

  2. Now you know what Elphie does while you are asleep. She just got busted this time.